September 2005

This month I'm your editor at large….trying to get a little break away from the jungle …
I've been continuing with my 'stress free' lifestyle, filling my life with beautiful things and beautiful people, and that's not altogether easy, but nevertheless I've got some delightful discoveries to share with you….
My favourite saying this month is one I've stolen from M&S. You know those enticing ads on TV ….this is not just any food ….blah blah blah…it's M&S food…so all through my letter I've adapted it to suit …
As part of my anti stress ritual this month I decided on a diet….but this is not just any diet… because as we all know, diets don't usually work. So I decided to try PAUL McKENNA'S 'I Can Make You Thin' CD, which kinda hypnotizes you into a positive eating lifestyle. It really works! Out went all the horrid TV dinners and non organic foodstuff; in fact, don't laugh, but my freezer had a fit over it and actually packed up so I had to buy a new fridge freezer. Now I enjoy really good quality food, none of that awful stuff they sell in supermarkets. Back to basics for me! Discovering local butchers, fishmongers, fruit and veg shops, and bakers…yes, they do exist, and we must support them before they all disappear. Full marks to Mr Mckenna for such a fabulous introduction to dieting…and what a sexy voice he has on that tape..wink, wink. Now I can get into my VERSACE jeans at last!
Also on my agenda is a really good 'treat myself to something special ' whenever I can, well - it's been a rough year….
I adore new inventions:
I love the new facial mask by REJUVE, which is sheer luxury to say the least. And it's not just any mask…it's a magnetic mask contained within a hypo-allergenic medical grade vinyl and non toxic inner core. Very high tech! It's fitted with several magnets which you wear whilst resting or sleeping, during which time it increases circulation, thus assisting in reversing premature ageing. And guess what! Everyone keeps telling me how young I look; in fact just last week an old friend remarked that I looked ten years younger. Ten years! No kidding!
To find out more about this amazing invention or to order it visit
And to finish off my beauty ritual for the month I was fortunate enough to discover BRILLIANT WHITESTICK, a mascara style pen that slips inside your bag. What is it? It is an invention that whitens your teeth by three shades in just a week. Haven't I been busy searching out these super unusual products? This is not just a whitener…it is peroxide free so it is gentle, but it is great for removing tea and coffee stains…I wish I had discovered it when I smoked…This is cheaper than mascara and a real must have. Priced at only £8.99 it's available in TESCO or SUPERDRUG stores and independent pharmacy stores nationwide. Treat yourself.
For all the latest news and gossip check out our other pages, and for more fabulous beauty tips and expert advice don't forget to check out SALLY's Celebrity Fashion, Fitness & Beauty section….and for all the celebrity news click on JOE's celebrity section….
Until next month, have a great one…
Georgina Bruni
Editor in Chief

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