Summer 2014
  Royals, Spas, Fashion and Inspiration
by Victoria Bullis

with Jade Farmiloe-Neville

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This month's focus on ROYALS from around the world is on those from Malaysia. There has been a lot of world attention on Malaysia throughout the year so far, beginning with the disappearing Malaysia Airlines Flight from Kuala Lumpar to Beijing on 8th March to the recent disappearance of Londoner Gareth Huntley.
One of the reasons I'm mentioning this tragedy is because a group of my friends in London knew Gareth quite well. Before he was announced dead, I was asked if I could detect his whereabouts; all his friends felt that he was merely lost as he was very self reliant and strong. Unfortunately the moment I received the first email from one of the group I realised he was no longer alive.

Malaysia is unique in that it has nine kings, one for each of the states making up the country of Malaysia: every five years there is a rotation amongst the nine rulers. The Malaysian term for king is Yang di-Pertuan Agong; the current one is The Sultan of Terengganu.

The Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak died at the end of May. He had just got out of hospital after staying in the National Heart Institute for an entire year. HRH Sultan of Perak was the ninth king.

This system of election began after the British colonial rule ended in 1963 when Malaysia won its independence.

The mosque in Kuala Lumpar -

President Obama made a visit in late April -

Young Malaysian Royals

Princess Sarah of Brunai -

HRH Princess Zarith Sofia, the Sultanah of Johor with her daughter Her Highness Princess Aminah, the Tunku Tun of Johor -

Baby Royals from Brunei

The Johor Royal Entourage has an annual event where the Royal Family travels to different parts of Johor by motorcycles. HRH Sultan of Johor is known to have a HUGE car and motorcycle collection. This year, HRH Sultan travels in a tiger-striped high power motorcycle -

HRH Sultan of Johor's youngest son, HH Prince Abu Bakar, handing out gift cheques to the public -

HH Princess Aminah of Johor celebrates Eid with the public in Pasir Pelangi Palace in Johor last August, with her youngest brother, HH Tunku Putera of Johor, Prince Abu Bakar -

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Many designers go to vintage and thrift stores to look for finds to base their upcoming collections on. One of the reasons I know that because about four years ago I took a trip to Antwerp, as I had heard that it was known for its huge number of vintage clothing shops. I was looking to purchase bags for my Collection, at that point my line of vintage bags was sold at Harvey Nichols. As I was scurrying around the streets in the rain from one shop to another I frequently found a group of young women who were definitely together and obviously very upmarket in the same shops. I was looking for virtually perfect bags while they were not bothering about the condition of anything they found that they liked. Finally after seeing them over the course of two or three hours in various shops, I approached them and said "you are obviously looking for the same sort of bags that I am -- except that a lot of the ones you are interested in are in very poor condition... would you mind if I asked why you are interested in these particular bags?" They said they worked for Dries Van Noten and he had sent them there to scour the city to look for as many bags as possible as inspiration for his upcoming line.

Dries Van Noten vintage inspired bag -

As I have studied fashion most of my life I knew that designs keep repeating themselves approximately every 20 or 30 years: a number of older people I have known throughout the years pride themselves on pulling out garments they had stored away for even decades, and begin wearing them again once that style has come back into vogue.

For a decade, designers have worked with disparate elements as far as fabrics and hardware are concerned in their collections. For example JEREMY SCOTT

Jeremy Scott in his own designs-

This trend which began in the late 1980s and early 1990s with punk chicks, schoolgirls from the Nineties ("Naughty Nineties.") Back then it was considered "counter couture"; now its just the norm!

Examples of 'unusual' fabrics being worn together -

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This month I have decided to combine two of my subjects-- Fashion and Inspiration.

During summer months most of us tend to feel freer, more adventurous--and even often more frivolous. This is due to not just warmer weather but also the amount of sunlight our bodies receive. There is a concept known as "Flowing With The Seasons." In other words, work throughout the year with nature's elements (rather than try to resist them...)

Summer is known for holidays, backyard get togethers, festivals and generally having fun. So: decide to flow with these elements--have even more fun than during you normally do during the summer! Include a new type of adventure by exploring thrift shops, car boot sales, vintage clothing fairs. People tend to clean closets more during the summer months as we all have more energy and enthusiasm to make things happen.
I have been going to vintage fairs and antique shows in London most of my life. One of my favourites is called Frock Me! The venue is usually in The Chelsea Town Hall (Kings Road SW3 5EE.) The summer event will be held there Sunday 13th July It is worth the effort to get there; they also have a lovely tea room. If you like vintage and unique pieces, it is worth joining their mailing list.

Car boot sales are enormously fun, they are held all over the English countryside. My favourite happens to be in Battersea Park where you can find all sorts of cool items from £1-8.     

With thrift stores, car boot sales and vintage clothing shows you will most likely come access garments with holes in them or other flaws--this is considered ok in this day an age so no need to be put off! Try something different, get inspired to mix and match fabrics you would not necessarily thought of doing before. If you are not feeling comfortable with the idea, ease your way in by testing it out in your friend's company to see how your new look is received!

I have loved vintage handbags for at least 20 years and am always on the look out for them whenever I go on trips. The Saturday Portobello market has two excellent vintage handbag stalls which I recommend visiting. Make sure to go early; walk down the hill until you reach GAIL'S bakery/restaurant on the right hand side. Possibly 10 stalls up the hill from Gail's on the same side of the street are these two vendors side by side. Vicky sells lots of inexpensive items-sometimes they have little flaws; others are just cheaper materials. John next to her has expensive and fabulous bags dating from approximately 1850 to ten years ago. He has crocodile, alligator, leather bags from 1940s, 50s, 60s, men's bags, briefcases, suitcases, cigar cases---amazing stuff.

The reason I am combining Inspiration and Fashion is that we can work with anything for inspiration in our lives: one does not have to only read self improvement books or go to seminars in order to feel happier in life, more inspired, more motivated etc. Hopefully you will have as much fun as I do with buying all sorts of things and venturing out to places such as I mentioned--and countless others. A day trip to car boot sales in Hampshire or another county can do wonders; go with a friend, have lunch in a cute pub, see how much you can buy with £20 (or however much you decide to spend.)

I would love to hear about your forays into the land of vintage! Please email me at [email protected] I will select one story and contact the writer who is most inspired by doing something unique and will provide you with a complimentary 30 minute reading!

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