Summer 2013
  Royals, Spas, Fashion and Inspiration
by Victoria Bullis

I have been doing readings for about 25 years. To find out more about me please visit my website (You may also want to Google me - I've been involved in media for 22 years, and there is a lot of information available...)

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My Hotgossip column is revamped!

I am now featuring four sections: Fashion includes fashion events, new trends, bargains and giveaways. Spas features unique treatments (and ingredients), products, tips and recommendations re world class spas. Royals of the World reports on the goings and comings of members of royal families around the globe, perspectives on royalty from readers who live in countries without royal families, and much more. Inspiration is taken from a wide variety of topics I work with both on radio and with my clients, meant to uplift the reader; information includes seasonal tips, how to create more happiness or peace of mind, prosperity and relationship-improving tips.

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New Challenger Says He is True Sultan of Sulu
March 23, 2013 Asian Royal News, Malaysia

Though Sulu is not recognized by any existing government as a sovereign entity, the latest in a series of claims has been made to the royal lineage that once ruled the territory of northern Borneo. The Malaysian state of Sabha has experienced unrest begun by a settlement of supporters of the Sultan of Sulu who call themselves the Royal Security Forces of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo.

The settlers were sent by Jamalul Kiram III, who claims to be the Sultan of Sulu. He recently ran for a senatorial seat in the Philippines but was defeated. The Sultan of Sulu believes that the land in question is not rightfully part of Malaysia but that it instead belongs to his people. Though the last Sultan of Sulu to rule over the area lost his power in the year 1916, the Sulu rebels assert that the last legally recognized Sultan of Sulu was stripped of his rights and those of his people as part of an unjust process that must now be redressed.

The difficult situation is now more complicated by the announcement that a new claimant to the rightful title of the Sultan of Sulu is being made by Datu Abinasser Sultan Badaruddin D. Mohammad Bataraza. He states that he is a direct descendent of Sultan of Sulu Jamalul Alam's wife, and is related by lineage to the Sultan who initially leased the rights to the territory over to the British North Borneo Company in the year 1878.

He has even appealed to the Secretary General of the United Nations to assist him in his cause of being named the rightful Sultan of Sulu and thus the only person with the authority to pursue the ancient claim to land and rights for his displaced people.

This latest claimant to the title of Sultan of Sulu is currently in a hidden and protected location as he fears for his life. The battle for the territory has recently taken violent turns with Jamalul Kiram III's supporters engaging Malaysian security forces in deadly clashes that have left dozens of people dead.

Stay tuned for more information...this looks to be bigger than it currently seems.

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More On My Own Fashion Jewelry Line!

I am very excited about a few recent events: one is that the stylist from the US X- Factor has again selected eleven bracelets from my line, to work with contestants.

In addition, Reverend Michael Beckwith's brother and son each bought a lava and pyrite bracelet that was being featured in the Agape bookstore.

Recently the Rev had his PA contact me; she asked me to create a unique bracelet for him, using a large ruby that means a great deal to him: I am currently working on the design. (Reverend Michael Beckwith is one of the inspirational speakers in the mega-famous book/DVD The Secret).

Also new shops are acquiring my bracelets both in the UK and the LA area! In addition to my semiprecious stones spiritual line, I have an ethnic line (comprised mostly of African trade beads---Ralph Lauren has recently jumped on this bandwagon and has a similar line himself now, although mine was created 3-4 years ago), a 'pirate line' (primarily black lava with a silver pirate-themed charm), and a fun chunky plastic line to be coordinated with colored skinny jeans

I am currently working on building a new website just for these designs; stay tuned!

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Rose quartz is a wonderful stone to work with during Summer months. Despite its warm colour and feel it can actually help you to cool off. Rose quartz is the stone most associated with love – love for oneself, one's life partner, children, family, friends, animals (including power animals such as dolphins), plants, city/country, the earth itself, the Universe, the Divine. Meditating with one of these crystals actually fills one's aura with love energy; it also activates the heart chakra to enhance the giving and receiving of love. Rose quartz helps dissolve one's issues around isolation, despair and even mistrust, and helps enhance peace of mind.

Everything has a vibration to it. Rose quartz's vibrations have to do with compassion and healing of emotional issues as well as the promotion of love in all its forms. As it fills the aura with love, it also acts to calm and cleanse the entire auric field as well. It energizes the release of tension and stress, the dissolution of anger and resentment, the dispelling of fear and suspicion. It acts as a 'charge' for the rebirth of hope (the Cosmic theme for this year; do go back and read what I mean by a theme for each year, plus what this year of hope is about, in the January issue) and faith in the generosity and abundance of the Universe. Rose quartz is associated with Goddess energy because of its love, compassion and hope qualities especially.

In addition to healing the heart chakra, it also connects one's personal heart to the heart, or center of the Earth. Also, its love vibrations work even on a cellular level, reprogramming the cells for joy and longevity.

Rose quartz is plentiful, fairly inexpensive and one of the most important stones to have, to wear and use in one's home or office. Placing a good-sized chunk of it in each room of a house or office will fill the entire room with its energies, affecting everyone who lives or works there.

To help you to feel cooler during hot Summer days place a rose quartz stone in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, then place it on your temple or brow, cheeks, neck etc. To keep it cool for frequent use on a given day, keep it in a cooler pack.

I stumbled into creating rose quartz bracelets by finding the stones of the first ones at a gem show and being strongly drawn to buying them, without knowing why. I have now created over 70 of them, virtually no two alike. I design them, have someone working for me string them, then I meditate with each one, and charge the energies in each far beyond what the stones would be on their own. I back down the energy to a subtle level so that any wearer won't be overpowered with the charged crystals, while making sure that the full effect is still achieved. It's fun to do, the devas of the stones talk to me re the design while I am working, and I have found yet another career! (I do many more bracelet designs that just rose quartz, but as this section is on rose quartz in general, I thought I'd just mention that type)

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