November 2004

What weather we are having in the UK, I have never known anything like it!

We have had high winds and tumultuous rain, it makes you so miserable! I was only saying to a the guys at martial arts the other Saturday morning, that when the Sun shines it doesn’t matter whether you have a penny in your pocket because just sit out in it makes you feel good.

It’s no wonder Sweden has the highest suicide rate, with nearly 20 hours of darkness in the winter months ! I couldn’t stand that ! I think it would drive me mad !


It’s funny how you can get mixed emotions about bands. When I saw U2 on Top of The Pops, they made me furious!

Why, you may ask, well, they had a special stage built for their performance in the forecourt of the BBC, which I suppose is ok as they did attract a lot of people in the road outside to listen to them, but the cost of setting something like that is horrendous ! Normally I wouldn’t moan too mush about that, but when you hear Bono going on about third world debt and poverty, it really annoys me !

I would say in my humble opinion that would have cost around £30,000, maybe more! That would include the staging, electric additional cameras, personnel and so on.

So if he really cared about the Third World then, he would have performed like everyone else in the Top of The Pops studio like everyone else and donated what it would have cost to charity. Although, the BBC is not without blame here as they would have no doubt footed the bill ! So it would be interesting to see how they used license payers money in their accounts !

U2 maybe a big band, but the kids who watch Top of The Pops are more interested in artistes like Angle City, Rachel Stevens and Outkast than they are U”. It seems like the usual scenario of producers being out of touch with the public once again !

On the plus side, which is why I started off saying I had mixed emotions, I saw an interview with Bono on CD UK and when he was asked about what he thought about Westlife, Kat Deeley expecting Bono to slag them off, Bono said that in their market they do a good job.

Which, I must admit impressed me immensely. Not only because it was an intelligent and thoughtful remark, but shows he is not up his own butt, like a lot of people and bands in the Music Business !

Big respect Bono !

Angel City

Picture of Angel City ( Lara McAllen )

Lara McAllen, who was featured on last month’s cover, went straight into the Top 10 at No 8 with her new single “ Do You Know “ . On the second week at was still in the Top 10 and the third of release which covers up to 1st November, it was still in the Top 15 and No 13 !

This is fantastic from a girl who has worked so hard and from an independent label, without the financial powers of a major record label.

If she had had the budgets that some of the artistes have, like Brandy and Christina Milian, then she would have been No 1, but she didn’t ! It has all been down to hard graft and a great song and wonderful support form the public !

I do feel sometimes that record companies forget who is buying the records and concentrate on pleasing the media too much !


2nd November
KD Lang - 43

3rd November
Adam Ant - 50

4th November
Sean "P Diddy" Coobs - 34

5th November
Bryan Adams - 45
Peter Noone - 56
Art Garfunkel - 63
Ike Turner - 73

8th November
Jack Osbourne - 19 ( can you believe he is only 19 ?? )
Bonnie Raitt - 55

21st November
Bjork - 39

26th November
Tina Turner - 65

30th November
Billy Idol - 49

A Few Tour Dates

15th November - Nottingham Arena – Nottingham
16th November - Nottingham Arena – Nottingham
23rd November - International Arena – Cardiff
24th November - International Arena – Cardiff
26th November - Metroradio Arena – Newcastle
27th November - Hallam Fm Arena – Sheffield
28th November - Hallam Fm Arena - Sheffield

24th November - Leas Cliff Hall – Folkestone
26th November - Assembly Rooms – Derby
27th November - Southampton Guildhall – Southampton
29th November - Carling Apollo – Manchester
30th November - The Civic Hall - Wolverhampton

19th November - Metroradio Arena - Newcastle
20th November - S.E.C.C. - Glasgow
22nd November - Evening News Arena - Manchester
23rd November - National Exhibition Centre - Birmingham

11th November - Guildhall - Portsmouth
13th November - International Arena - Cardiff
15th November - Royal Concert Hall - Nottingham
19th November - Newcastle City Hall - Newcastle
23rd November - Carling Apollo - Manchester
24th November - Carling Apollo - Manchester 26th November - New Theatre - Oxford
27th November - Royal Court Theatre - Liverpool
29th November - The Dome – Doncaster

Tit Bits

Enrique Inglesias
Star magazine reports that Anna Kournikova and Enrique Inglesias were showing their love while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on October 10th. "They were all over each other," an eyewitness said. "They were pretty hot and heavy."

The Los Angeles Times reports Jennifer Lopez has sold her home in Beverly Hills for $12.5 million, including furnishings, according to local realty agents. The estate is where J LO reportedly married singer Marc Anthony in June. J LO also has another house in Miami.

Well that’s that’s lot this month, sorry it’s so short, keep the e-mails coming in [email protected]

And don’t for get to check out the following sites :

For the budding artiste and songwriter

Also don’t forget the song for little Sarah, who was so brutally murdered

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