July 2004
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Little Hooligans

Children are very much in the news this month, three girls aged between twelve and sixteen years old have been issued with ASBO's (anti social behaviour orders) these not so delightful kids have been found guilty of shoplifting, robbery violent attacks and threatening behaviour in Great Yarmouth, a seaside town in England.

In the West Midlands five thugs aged between eleven and sixteen broke into a zoo and terrified wallaby's, causing a young wallaby to die of shock after being wrenched from it's mother pouch and repeatedly dunked in water.

Where are the parents of these children? A lot of these attacks took place very late at night so we have kids as young as eleven out roaming the streets - were not only do they cause havoc but are in danger of being abducted themselves!

We also have a young boy of fifteen who was murdered for his mobile phone in central London in broad daylight! I have always been against kids having these phones! It may be easy to contact your child and find out where they are or where they tell you they are, but last year over seven hundred thousand robberies occurred in the UK - all for a mobile phone.

Parents please take them off your kids, take some responsibility for your children's actions and find out where they are and who they are mixing with and for - God sake do not let them roam the streets at night.

I live on an island in a very quiet area, but we still suffer from yob behaviour: only the other night I had to go outside my house at 1.30am to help a young boy - who was (a) drunk (b) had been headbutted in a fight and (c) was having an epileptic fit. I heard him before I saw him collapse outside my house. He was being helped by two young girls, also drunk, aged about fourteen years, they were half carrying half dragging him down the road away from a fight when they finally collapsed with him on the pavement. Having rendered first aid and called an ambulance I asked the girls what had happened, they were so drunk they were incoherent.

Again I ask what were these two kids doing out so late at night and who had sold them the alcohol.

I am busy with risk assessments and writing - not sure which takes the longest, assessing who what where why how and which form of security breaches may take place for some of my clients or writing for a TV company who want reality but not to scary, any one have a clue let me know.

In-between all the above I have just finished reading the handsome gorgeous ex SAS soldier Chris Ryan's new book The Increment. Great story! I had to finish it in one sitting so I sat up for half the night gripping my Cocoa mug in one hand and the book in the other. Chris Ryan can come and grip me any time he likes.

Until next month
Stay safe
Jacquieline Davis

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