September 2007
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Young males are continuing to be stabbed on a regular basis in the UK; we have become a knife culture. Stop many teenagers in the street and they will be carrying a knife - they say for their own protection.
I am alarmed at the amount of knife wounds that are being seen in our ER casualty departments every day.
A company in London is now offering stab proof school uniforms and sweat shirts. Lined with Kevlar, these items of clothing will deflect slash and stab wounds, but what an absolutely abhorrent measure to have to take to keep your kids safe when you send them to school. Parents and the police have to crack down hard now before any more young lives are lost.

Still no news of the four kidnapped british bodyguards in Iraq. I of course fear the worst for them now as no ransom demands have been made. Please, everyone on the circuit world-wide, spare a thought for them and the loved ones waiting for news.

Yes, literally down the pan went my mobile phone last month! Whilst on a surveillance job, I had the opportunity to use a real toilet instead of the ice cream cartons we female operatives usually have to use on these jobs. I had just finished when my phone rang, I dropped it and of course it had to go down the toilet. I fished it out, hoping to save the day, but to no avail, it would not work. I managed to contact my colleagues to tell them what had happened then I ran up the road in a Central London area to the nearest Vodaphone shop. The poor girl behind the desk looked stricken when I produced my still dripping phone and begged her to save my sim card. But she immediately whipped it out and put it in a phone she produced from under the counter.

Having saved the day I telephoned Vodaphone to thank them and they promptly sent me a new phone which arrived two days later - now that's what I call customer care.

Of course my colleagues took the mickey out of me for ages and enduring sitting in a car with several of them over the next couple of weeks wore thin.
I will of course get my own back in good time.

Whilst you are reading this I am in the USA - first to the beach for a couple of days of rest and relaxation, then off to the West Coast for some meetings. So until next month stay safe and be aware.

Jacquieline Davis

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